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My name is Hannah. I am a free spirited girl going against the grain of what is expected of most twenty-somethings. I was born in Atlanta, and spent my childhood in a small neighborhood outside the city. My family moved in 2003 to a small town outside of Nashville, Tennessee called Leiper's Fork. I don't have a country accent, but I do love driving with my windows down in any type of weather.

I recently married my summer camp crush, the most amazing man I know, & my best friend, Andy.  We are adventurers. I am a spontaneous & free spirit, he is rational & steadfast. 

I love traveling; stateside and worldwide. I long to visit every country and be a part of every culture. I love foreign languages; I speak Spanish and know some French and Haitian Creole.

I have a heart for missions. I believe the closest I am to God is when I am out of my comfort zone. I have been so blessed with many opportunities to experience God in other countries, with people who have far less than I do. It truly is amazing, and I hope everyone has a chance to experience missions first hand. 

from my last trip to Haiti // saying goodbye

I enjoy expressing myself through my personal style. I like taking risks and making outrageous trends relatable by pairing them with daily styles. I love bold colors and appreciate a good neutral. I have so much fun styling, it is a form of art in my opinion.

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