Tuesday, December 18

vintage holiday cheer

Christmas is just around the corner and I am hardly prepared. The weather has been playing tricks on everyone with 80 degree weather in the middle of December!  This week I'm trying to catch up, running to every store in town to purchase, exchange, and get ideas for presents. I am amazed every year how many people wait until the last minute to do all their Christmas shopping like me. It has been pure chaos! Let's just hope my anxiety attack holds out until I have finished wrapping all the gifts.

I'm not a very flashy person, but I pulled together some of my favorite vintage items from my mom & great grandmother for today's Coast to Coast Challenge: Sparkle it up! 

It's fun to dress up every now and then, but I'm crossing my fingers for cooler weather so I can get some use out of my Goodwill Christmas sweaters!

Happy Tuesday everybody!

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