Wednesday, January 23

my mother's gown

Today's Wedding Wednesday took a different turn than I was expecting. I was rummaging around in my mom's closet looking for some vintage clothing items to use in an upcoming photoshoot with kristin sweeting photography when I found my mother's wedding gown. I immediately wanted to put it on! 

The last time I tried on my mom's dress was when I was ten years old. As you can imagine, it was very ill-fitting. I can't believe it took me this long to try it on again! I guess this is the perfect timing, since my own wedding day is in 18 weeks! (18 weeks?? seems so soon, but so far away!)

Needless to say, those crazy Napoleon Dynamite sleeves gave me rashes on my shoulders. I wish you all could have seen how happy it made my mom to see me wearing it. She knows full well it is outdated and so 80's, but I could see her reliving her own wedding day as she inspected her own gown on her soon-to-be married daughter. It was a fun day :) She took these pictures to send to my dad, who travels during the week for work. I'm sure it freaked him out!

I really wanted to find a picture of my mom on her wedding day for this post, but unfortunately we have none of their wedding photos scanned on computers. Their wedding album is one of the old sticky kind, so we can't take the pictures out to scan them. maybe I will find a loose photo and post it later.

happy Wednesday, lovlies :)


I found my mom's pictures and was able to scan some of them! Here they are, please note and enjoy the fullness of all the sleeves.


 look at this gorgeous church!! doesn't it look like they were married in Italy somewhere? surprise!! this church is in Alabama. joke is on us.
 mom took her bridal portraits a few weeks before the actual wedding. I think her little clutch is hilariously cute.
Napoleon Dynamite sleeves for days! sooo itchy.
here is a candid of mom and her dad (my Gdaddy). this is probably where I get my hilarious-ness. just look at that face!
mom & dad, off to Bar Harbor, Maine for the honeymoon!
I probably get lots of my hilariousness from these guys, too. (Dedaddy, Memomma, GG, & Gdaddy)

Happy Wednesday again! 


  1. The one of your mom winking looks just like you!I had to do a double take :)

    1. I know isn't that crazy?? Except my hair has never looked as good as hers here.