Friday, December 21

Frugal Friday

Christmas is here! For my family, at least. I am currently sitting passenger side of my car that has been loaded up with suitcases, beautifully wrapped gifts, one brother, one dog, and one very handsome fiancé. I am feeling extremely blessed tonight.

From this day forwards, Fridays will be known as Frugal Fridays at the Elvira Bleu headquarters. To pay homage to the fact that I am an average woman that loves bargains. Some people believe there is a bad stigma with bargain shopping, consignment or secondhand clothing. I, however, take pose in the fact that I take advantage of good deals. So here is today's frugal findings outfit!

sweater, shirt, & skirt: Goodwill // Dorothy ruby red ballet flats: Target, kid's section

I hope you all have an awesome Friday! This girl will be all over the southeast the next few weeks, so I wish you all safe travels as well! When you are stuck in Christmas traffic, just remind yourself that it really IS the most wonderful time of the year! We have so much to be thankful for.


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