Friday, January 18

beiber fever

Tonight, I am being the best big sister in the entire world. I am surrendering my mind, body, and soul to an arena full of screaming, crying, neurotic, boy-crazy tween girls.

I am going to see Justin Beiber tonight.

Remember, today is Frugal Friday & I didn't forget. My outfit is compiled of bargain buys. I have been wearing purple because apparently that is "Justin's color".

 purple shirt: thrifted / coat: mom's closet / jeans: pacsun buy 1 get 1 free / wedges: target

If nobody hears from me tomorrow, you know it's because I'm suffering a Beiber Fever Hangover. I will be swapping my wedges for my comfy converse (and I am going to wear my Beatles shirt instead of JB purple) ;)

Happy Friday, friends! Think of me tonight and thank God for your fully functioning eardrums. 

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