Wednesday, January 16

Three Pairs of Socks

Weather has been so unpredictable these days. Sunday & Monday we had severe flash flood warnings, Tuesday schools got out early because the floods were icing over, and today there was just rain. Rain and yuckiness for days. Well, maybe not days, but it feels like it. 

Anyways, despite the rain, errands had to be run today. My inner Lazy rationalized the leggings and thermal shirt I had been lounging in all morning. I realized my outfit was totally gray scale, so I threw on my trusty yellow sweater & BOOM; instantaneous outfit sunshine.
On a separate note, I wore three pairs of socks today. 



It was delightful. I love socks. Plus my feet apparently don't retain heat.

 can't pass up the opportunity to show off my gorgeous ring, watch, and tat :)
leather jacket: H&M / scarf: Target / yellow sweater: tj maxx / grey thermal: aerie / leggings: gifted / grey socks: target / heather grey socks: tj maxx / boots: Minnetonka

This kind of outfit is typical for me, especially on days I have errands to run. Today's uniform is Auto shop, Target, Starbucks, Goodwill, Grocery Store, & babysitting approved. Comfort is always my top priority! 

Happy Wednesday (night)!

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