Monday, January 14

wedding weekend update

Prelude to my weekend update:
normally my weekend updates consist of photos from my iPhone. This weekend update, however, will be different considering the fact that my iPhone was snuggled up in a bowl of rice the entire weekend. Just in case you ever happen upon the misfortune of your phone coming in contact with water, I found solace here. Thank God for the internet.

Anyways! This weekend was absolute bliss. One of my oldest friends married the love of her life. Since I am the eldest girl in my family, I missed out on having an older sister. This beautiful bride you are about to see was the closest thing I had to an older sister growing up. I am so thankful for this woman and her family, and I feel so blessed to have had the privilege of being her honorary little sister. Now, look at how absolutely stunning she was for her wedding weekend!

she is glowing!! and take a look at her amazing velvet teal pumps.

 the entire day, Brooke was one hundred percent calm and relaxed. Not once did she hint at being a Bridezilla. As you can see from these pictures, she was a vision of joy and anticipation the whole morning. 

I got to play hairdresser to some of the bridesmaids. Obviously braiding is my thing.
the florals were absolutely gorgeous.

the bride with the mother of the bride. You can see where her beauty comes from! They both were breathtaking. 

Mr & Mrs. Ryan Beach dancing their first dance!

the wedding was delightful; the food was great, the decorations perfect, and the company beyond compare. It was so fun to go back to my hometown and celebrate with friends I haven't seen in years. Congratulations to these newlyweds, I am beyond thrilled for your new life together! 
Now, I can't help but wish it was my own big day this weekend! Andy and I were both daydreaming throughout the night. Although we still have four months to go, Brooke and Ryan's wedding gave me the motivation I needed to get back to the wedding planning! So if anyone wants to talk wedding, I am your girl! Happy Monday. (technically Tuesday, but whatever. Yay procrastination!) 
Thanks Lily and Maggie for letting me steal your pictures for the weekend update!


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