Tuesday, January 15

winter whites

today's coast to coast challenge is "winter whites". As I went through my wardrobe to create today's look, I was taken back to my middle school years for a couple reasons: 

1. bell-bottom jeans. I mean, have you seen these pants? Could the flare be any bell bottom-ier?
2. white fingernail polish.
In middle school, I bought some white fingernail polish, painted my nails, thought they looked really cool, until the ridicule began. I was asked countless times why I painted my nails with White Out. To this day I am scarred. I am thankful people have broadened their styling horizons & now accept white fingernail polish. I wanted to pay homage to this middle school memory by painting my nails white (Essie Blanc) but I simply ran out of time.

The winter whites challenge also made me dig out a few pieces that haven't seen the light of day in a while. My top and pants are both so old, I don't even know if I should still consider them "white". 

blouse: thrifted // pants: Vintage Old Navy

Happy Tuesday everyone! Stay safe and warm despite this weird winter weather :)

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