Monday, January 7

weekend update

Okay, so this is actually more of a New Years week update. Since I took a little blogging hiatus during the holidays, I have an arsenal of weekend update photos to share! I feel like I have been running from place to place. I caught a little cold & it has since been passed around throughout the family. I have stayed inside TOO long, so here are some moments I have escaped my bedridden state into the real world.

 The Shirt Bar at J. Crew. An OCD dream, except that one disorderly shirt on the bottom row...

 these are our shopping faces, AFTER leaving the mall.

We picked out our silver! Just kidding :) Andy said with all serving utensils "we would always have bigger bites."

my worn out feet were happy that J. Crew had a couch. 

Jonathan and Katie bringing the house down at Santa's karaoke bar!

the boys getting pumped for the new year // new year's morning fog. hashtag no filter. ha.
our engagement pictures on canvas as late Christmas presents for our parents. ( thanks to the amazing )

first snow of the year! it wasn't much, but it was still beautiful.

I gave my dad a haircut.

exploring Hillsboro Village with two of my bridesmaids, Lizzie and Rachel.

working at Redo Home & Design again!

always a warm fire going in my home

my crazy siblings 


Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a fun & restful holiday! My siblings all start school again tomorrow, so that means back to the daily grind. No more lazy days where everyone sleeps in then eats breakfast at 11. No more lounging around the living room playing board games in front of the fire. No more fiance hanging around 24/7. 
On the bright side, only 145 days until I marry my best friend! My mom and I have been sitting down going over guest lists, catering choices, and ceremony decor. Everyone keeps telling me time is about to start flying. I hope so, because I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with Andy. Okay, cheesiness ends now.


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  1. Love the photos and loved hanging out in Nash with you! The one of Rachel is hilarious :)