Sunday, January 6

Spontaneous Sunday

here is a blooper picture of Elvi and me! She loves it when I hold her.

Happy Sunday Everyone! I hope yours has been as wonderful as mine. It consisted mainly of Jesus, family, Mexican food, and Elvi. 
I haven't quite figured out if I am going to promise a blog post on Sundays, mainly because my weekends are so unpredictable, as am I. But maybe I'll do a Spontaneous Sunday post every now and then! Here is what I wore to church today. We attend a sister branch of our old church here in the Nashville area. It is in an old warehouse and is mainly made up of young couples and families. I absolutely love it! Even more reason to love it, attire is super casual. I normally have to talk myself out of heels and dresses & into jeans and flats. So Sundays are the perfect day to practice comfy & cute!

The weather in my neck of the woods was in the 40's today. You guys may think I'm crazy for not wearing a jacket, but I am THE most hot-natured person. So I am loving this dry winter weather!

hat: dad's //sweater: h&m // pants: tj maxx // socks: target // legwarmers: tj maxx // boots: dolce vita

On a side note, my awesome brother typically takes my outfit post pictures. We have so much fun goofing off during these sessions. Today's post features tons of firewood (as you can see), but what you DON'T know, is that this is special firewood. My brother is raising money to go to China for 5 weeks this summer to teach English. He is selling firewood to go towards this amazing opportunity. If you are in the Nashville region, or if you are interested in supporting him otherwise, please email him at . 

And with that, my friends, I bid you adieu. Happy Spontaneous Sunday!


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