Tuesday, February 5

tribal runs through this blood

Fun back story about me; my entire childhood I knew that I was related to Pocahontas. Not only did I look JUST like her (or Disney's image of her), my grandmother told me we were her ancestors. Her grandaddy was named John Smith, who obviously was the one that married Pocahontas (which never actually happened anyways, she married John Rolfe). Therefore, Pocahontas was my great great somebody or other.

I found out when I was 12 that it was a lie from the pit of hell, and my life was shattered. 

Just kidding, but I still hold on to that childhood dream of being a descendant of the ultimate tribal beauty. So today's challenge was so fun.

Today's coast to coast challenge had us all going tribal, a style that is more second nature to me than an actual challenge. That doesn't mean I didn't have fun putting together today's outfit! The weather today held the hope of spring sunshine and warmth. I wore my beaded/feathered gladiator sandals with my new tribal print jeans. Mixing tribal patterns can be tricky but it's not impossible, and when you get it down it is so fun!

headband: francesca's / top: mom's closet / tribal print jeans: pacsun / beaded/feathered sandals: zigi girl / cuff: paris

I could have put together a million tribal outfits, but this one was perfect for today's weather and activities! I hope you all had a wonderful Tuesday! Join me on Thursday for the next challenge. Follow @c2c_central on twitter or instagram to know what the challenge is.


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