Wednesday, February 13

Victorian-inspired wedding shoot!

Wedding Wednesday has a personal flair today. Two weeks ago, I helped my dear friend and photographer Kristin Sweeting styling and modeling for a Victorian-inspired boudoir and wedding shoot. Our original plan was to shoot the boudoir photos outdoor, creating a whimsical woodsy feel. Much to our surprise, it snowed a few inches the night before (that's a big deal here in Middle Tennessee). 

All that to say, it was freezing (below 20 degrees) during the shoot. Our hands and fingers were numb, but the outdoor photos turned out beautifully! Kristin is so talented, everyone should have her as their photographer. 

I don't want to post ALL the pictures in one sitting, so here are a few for starters :)

I found this vintage gown at an antique store on 8th Ave in Nashville the day before the photoshoot. I made some repairs to some major rips in the layered lace. The long train was so perfect on the rocks & in the wind. 

Next Wednesday I will post some of the vintage boudoir photos. Don't worry, they are classy ;)

Happy Wednesday!

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