Thursday, March 21

feeling blue

Hello, Elvira Bleu loves! 

Apology time; I am so sorry I have gone off the grid this past week. I have been recovering from the glorious stomach flu! Have any of you caught it as well? I suppose I should be happy considering it helped me get a little closer to my wedding day physique ;)

Just kidding.

In any case, I decided to come back with a bang with today's Coast to Coast Challenge, donned in hues of blues! Using grey pants as a neutral foundation, I layered sapphire, dark powder blue, teal, and navy shades. My monochromatic blue outfit was completed with blue geometric nails. 

hat: J Crew / blazer: Cass / necklace: anthropologie / tank: cAbi / flats: Target

here is a close-up of the nails! Let me know if you all want a tutorial!

Happy Thursday night/Friday morning. I hope I will be more consistent in my blogging, although it is difficult to guarantee given the chaotic stage of life I am in. 

But I love you all and appreciate you investing in the Elvira Bleu family. There are some exciting things in store, so keep up with the blog via twitter, instagram, facebook, & tumblr!

see you all soon :)

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