Thursday, March 14

spring florals

maybe it's just because I'm into tongue-twisters & accents, but doesn't "spring florals" sound like "spring forward"? Even if you don't think so, I like to think so. 

My dad bought me this amazing almond butter this week by a company called Mara Natha. Whenever I see the jar I can't help but imagine a person who doesn't speak English very well saying "Mother Nature". Just think about it. 

You're welcome if you use this almond butter already and have never noticed that.
You will NEVER unsee it. 

Today's coast to coast challenge was Spring Fling Florals! (say that six times fast... weird)

I am not a huge floral person, but luckily my hair & makeup artist, Katie, gave me this lovely Free People bodycon dress. It has the most subtle pastel floral design, so it was the perfect balance of my style & the edge of my comfort zone. (body con dresses look nice when you stand still to take pictures. However, they are not so real-life friendly. Maybe it's just because I have a tush, but I was pulling at the hemline ALL day.)

To take the floral to the next level, I layered a sheer floral lace longsleeve on top of the dress.  It is almost spring, but still a bit chilly, so the outfit was completed with a light asymmetrical sweater & some light grey tights. So comfy!

sweater: agaci / lace longsleeve: pacsun / dress: free people / boots: minnetonka

I felt so feminine today. Perhaps it was the form-fitting dress, the pastels, or the flowers and lace, but I hardly ever dress "girly", so it was a nice change of pace.

Hopefully you lovelies had a wonderful Thursday. Whether you wore florals or simply relished the fresh air, I hope you are enjoying the change in seasons! 


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