Monday, March 25

Monday Bleus

Although I am sure you fabulous readers sit around all weekend anxiously awaiting my usual weekend update posts on Mondays, I am excited to announce an even MORE exciting way to jump start your weeks!

Excuse my love of rhyming and plays on words, but starting today, Elvira Bleu will now dedicate each Monday to promotions that will hopefully kick your Monday Bleus in the butt. So many exciting things are happening as Elvira Bleu grows, such as fun promo codes and giveaways!

Today's promo code is for an awesome website called Rad Fads. Recently created by a darling couple in Atlanta, Georgia, their purpose is to provide higher end fad jewelry at an affordable price. 

Look at this GORGEOUS bracelet I just received in the mail from Rad Fads! It is super delicate, and plated in gold {it won't turn your wrist green like much cheap or "affordable" jewelry would} This stuff is the REAL DEAL. 

Rad Fads is offering a special promotion for Elvira Bleu readers only! If you love their legit jewelry as much as I do, you can save $10 with the promo code elvirableu10

Rad Fads is a brand new website and will be adding more merchandise as their business grows. 

I hope this wonderful promotion helps cheer up your Monday Bleus!
make it a happy one :)

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