Tuesday, March 5


Pride and Prejudice, Little Women, Cold Mountain, and other such classics - you know the ones, you book-loving hopeless romantics; they have ignited your little girl fantasies of being swept away and have shaped your idea of romance (whether you realize it or not). 

Today's challenge was: romantics. 

This could be interpreted many different ways, but the images that came to my mind were those of Jo March and Elizabeth Bennett. Not only were the books works of art, but the costume designers of the movie adaptations were spot on. 

So I gladly assumed this romantics mindset today. I think the weather was participating in the challenge as well, because it was grey and rainy (that's typically when all the passionate and romantic things happen).

   hat: J. Crew / dress: hand me down / tights: forever 21 / socks: target / boots: dolce vita / trench coat: cAbi

I can't even tell you how freezing it was when we took these photos today. The wind was INSANE. And I went full-on crazy and took my coat off for a few shots. 


Until next time :)
I hope you all leave this blog post feeling inspired. Channel your inner romantic; curl up with your favorite romantic novel & open up your style to the inspiration you get from the text!

That's the end of my lecture. Happy Tuesday (Wednesday... AH).


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