Sunday, March 3

my Sunday best

Happy Sunday, Elvira Bleus!

I hope your day was as lovely as mine. I woke up to the beautiful sun melting the remaining snow & ice. Absolutely gorgeous. Tennessee is still having a hard time figuring out which season it wants to embrace. For now, it seems like winter is hanging on by a thread!

I'm okay with it. That means I can still layer up to my heart's content! Today's lace, layers, and colors reflected gypsy soul. Most days I try to keep it under control, because my bohemian tendencies go against my need to appear responsible and put together. Maybe my new style goal should be making boho styles more acceptable for grown women!

lace top: forever 21 / high low dress: Feel the Piece / orange tights: target / pink knee socks: target / suede bootie wedges: black poppy / belt: gifted

I have been wearing heels this entire weekend. It is insane! 
It's all part of my evil plan to make people think I am older and more responsible than I actually am. Whether it is working or not, I'll never know!

Anyways, I hope you all had a lovely day. I am topping mine off with a decaf chai latte & a warm dog at my feet. Goodnight, all!

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  1. you are the loveliest. wish i was in TN to have a sunday afternoon chai with you!!