Thursday, April 25

Excuse me while I get my sass on...

{seriously you guys, I had my sassy pants on today...}

It's no secret that I have never been afraid of color. My mom always tells me if she could do it over again, {now that I have developed a personality} she would re-name me Joy. 

Color is one of the best ways to make others feel happiness or joy. I have no idea why, but our minds work that way! So when I found out the Coast to Coast Challenge for today was NEON, I was very excited! 

There is something so daring and taboo about neon colors. They immediately catch your attention. Much like these pants caught MY attention. {Okay fine, they are leggings... I like to be comfortable!} I honestly tried these on as a joke, but ended up absolutely loving them. They have such a nostalgic affect on me because they remind me of an old gymnast leotard I used to have. 

Anyways, I had tons of fun today wearing my neon. Also, Shania Twain's 1997 album "Come On Over" is the perfect soundtrack for a day of neon. Something about singing "Man I Feel Like A Woman" while wearing all neon made me feel so extremely powerful and untouchable. Somebody give me a reality/ego check! {haha just kidding ;)}

{the outfit deets:}
1. necklace: Stein Mart. I know.
2. peplum top: clearance rack at TJ Maxx
3. belt: forever 21 I think
4. pants/leggings: TJ Maxx
5. sapphire flats: Target

I'm just going to let this outfit count as my Frugal Friday post, too, since tomorrow I will be on my way to the BEACH. It's my Bachelorette Party weekend and I couldn't be more excited/nervous/scared/mostly excited. I hope you all have the loveliest of lovely weekends. I'm sure I will be full of funny stories when I return ;)

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