Thursday, January 31

classy casual Bud

Today's challenge was Classy Casual, a phrase that basically sums up my style in general. I still wanted to make today a challenge, so I decided to focus more on the casual. Wearing a babydoll dress for the foundation of my outfit, I threw on my new Budweiser tee and Converse to Cas it up. 

DISCLAIMER: I am gluten free, I don't drink beer, I have no favorites when it comes to brewing companies, I just thought the design on this shirt was cool.

I added some stacking rings and golden statement necklace to class it up a bit

Happy Classy/Cas Thursday! Sorry my blogging has been inconsistent this week, turns out wedding planning is a full-time job in & of itself. But I am having so much fun. 121 days until I marry my best friend. Tomorrow he and Elvi are coming to visit. I'm also gearing up for a super fun inspiration shoot tomorrow morning with kristin sweeting! Such fun and exciting things are happening. 


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