Friday, February 1

fiance friday

Today was so much fun! I woke up this morning to a beautiful snowfall, giving me the energy and excitement I needed to start my day! 

This morning my dear friend (kick ass photographer) Kristin Sweeting and I went on a little adventure photo shoot! I can't wait to get back the film and share some of the images with you. This girl is TALENTED. Plus she is so fun to hang out with. It was an A+ Friday morning!

The highlight of my Friday was 3:30 when I met up with my husband to be and our dogter, Elvi. We had our pre-marital counseling sesh then headed home to relax and enjoy time with my family. In honor of my foxy fiance's visit, I wore some of his clothing I have collected (borrowed.... stolen.... whatever you want to call it). He recognized it all right away, then took his sweatshirt back. Little does he know I will probably just sneak something from his weekend bag while he's not looking. :D

GUYS. I mean just look at him.

 HERS: jacket, pants, moccasins // HIS: sweatshirt, long sleeve tee, hiking socks, girl.

he is finally here!

Although we would just love to soak up each other's time together, we both have work to be done. Tomorrow will be spent doing homework at a coffee shop and making small talk with local shoppers. You can guess which one of us will be doing what. ;)

Happy Friday!

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