Tuesday, February 19

lacking time & vests

Heyo, Elvira Bleu groupies.

This is the part where I apologize for being AWOL the past few days! I try my best to be consistent with my posts, but the closer the wedding gets the more I have on my schedule! But blogging is so fun and relaxing I am figuring out how to work it into my busy life.

It seems a bit far-fetched to think that I could squeeeeeze the last three posts into this one. But I accept the challenge!

Speaking of the challenge, today's coast to coast challenge was vests. As I scrambled around my clothing-strewn room this morning (it gets like this when I go on trips) I realized that most, if not all, of my vests are in storage anxiously awaiting warmer weather. 

Most of my coast to coast central friends are in California, so they are not experiencing the bitter cold winds down here in the south land! I was inspired by Sydney from The Daybook Blog to belt a scarf to serve as a vest. 

(I was also feeling quite gyspy-ish today, hence the floral, maxi, and jewel tones.)

This outfit is also a Frugal Friday outfit! 

long sleeve: thrifted / skirt: thrifted / belt: mother's vintage / scarf: target / flats: target

I spent my weekend in Knoxville, Tennessee with some of my dearest friends, my fiance, and some furry friends. It was blissful and relaxing; but now it's back to reality! 

I think I have caught some flu bug that is going around, so I will probably become best friends with my Kleenex box, hot tea, and my pillow for the next 24 hours.

I love you all! Stay healthy & happy :)

oh yeah - & live, laugh, love, and all that other good stuff. ha!


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