Tuesday, February 26

obviously I'm hardcore.

Heyo internet!

I hope you will all accept my sincerest apologies for being so absent the past few days... weeks... I don't even know how long it's been since I have blogged consistently. I am trying to be better!! It's just that I am so incredibly blessed with a wedding to plan and two amazing jobs that I adore. 
Seriously. I smile all the time. I probably look like a maniac. All the time.


Today's Coast to Coast Challenge was tough and girly! How fun, right? There is something so empowering in wearing a studded leather jacket over a feminine babydoll dress. I would use any excuse to be comfy, and this challenge allows me to kick it in my navy blue Converse!

my ring armor / silver ring: target / gold spike midi ring: Pangea / gorgeous antique engagement ring: my foxy fiance. 

 jacket: Jack (borrowed) / dress: h&m / turban: Elvira Bleu original 

This jacket is a loaner from my dear friend/neighbor/hairdresser (is that country enough for you?). She has killer style but will never admit it. You will be seeing more of her work in the near future since she will be doing my hair and makeup for my wedding!

Also she is coloring my hair tomorrow. So yay! Expect some change, Elvira Bleu lovies!

Happy Tuesday and sorry I am so sporadic. I love you all :)

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