Thursday, March 28

stripes + specs

I just realized that I have worn printed jeans the past 3 outfit posts. I believe it's safe to say I am hooked! These tribal printed pants were perfect for today's coast to coast challenge of Stripes + Specs! For those of you who follow me on Instagram, {my name has been changed from haneliven to elvirableu} you saw the fate of my beloved specs. Until I receive my Warby Parker home try-on package, I will be facing the world with two eyes instead of four.

For the sake of today's challenge, I popped out the remaining lens of my glasses & simply wore the frames. {don't worry, this will not become a habit.}

The lovely Katie Anderson made me feel like a princess again today by doing my hair + makeup. The pictures don't do justice to how she played up my eyes with beautiful blues and greens. This girl knows what she's doing. I don't ever have to tell her what to do because she understands style. What a pro.

can you tell my glasses are lens-less? I'm such a dork.

here's the outfit breakdown:
1. asymmetrical sweater: gifted
2. white lace top: forever 21
3. blue tank: CAbi
4. tribal print pants: TJ Maxx
5. suede wedge booties: PacSun
6. watch: Anne Klein
7. gold cross bracelet: Rad Fads

The weather was absolutely gorgeous today. Spring is here! Spring is here! Finally, after a few snow storm scares, the sunshine is here to stay {I hope}.

Happy Thursday lovelies. Tomorrow is Friday, and that is always fun.

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