Monday, April 8

apology post

Okay you guys. Those of you who have planned/helped plan a wedding will understand.
My life has very rapidly turned into chaos. 

I have described my life as chaos before, but until these last couple of months, I had no idea.
It's wonderful chaos, don't get me wrong. But I have not had time for certain things I love to do, such as posting regularly! 

In attempt to make up for the posts I have neglected in the past weeks, here is a giant outfit post from the Elvira Bleu Vaults.

My legs are camouflaged into the background. Crazy that these pants actually serve their intended purpose. 

 This outfit is from so long ago, I can't even remember which season it was from. Then again, Tennessee can go through all four seasons in one week. Nevertheless, on this particular day, I was doubled up on asymmetrical cardigans. Because who needs a jacket when you could just keep piling up on sweaters?

so here's the outfit breakdown:
1. taupe cardigan: Old Navy
2. grey cardigan: gifted
3. gradient tank: hand-me-down
4. camo pants: Bullhead Black {PacSun}
5. trouser shoes: Forever21

soooo, that probably doesn't make up for the fact that I have been completely AWOL the past few weeks. I wish I could promise to be more consistent, but I know the wedding plans will only get crazier and more chaotic. After I finally marry my love & we return from our honeymoon, I will be 100% back in the blogging game! 

I love you all :)

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