Wednesday, March 27

what a rebel

So I know today is supposed to be Wedding Wednesday, but my outfit today was feeling fabulousa and wanted to be seen!

But seriously, I had so much fun mixing prints today. Mixing prints is a great way to make your outfit fun without getting too crazy. As you can see, my color palate today was pretty neutral. Neutrals don't have to be boring! 
{another way to brighten up a neutral outfit: a bold lip! It will make you feel like a superstar.}

Get ready for many more pictures of my sassy self, photos thanks to the amazing Bailey Gilreath-Brown!
{obviously Elvi was super into this photo sesh}

Besides the fact that my celebrity alter-ego took over today, the location Bailey and I chose for today's photos made me feel very sartorial and city chic. 

Another reason I felt like a celebrity today: these sunglasses! They made me feel so fab. free people does it again! 

Here's the outfit breakdown:
1. star blouse: TJ Maxx
2. Grey cotton longsleeve: TJ Maxx
3. turban: Elvira Bleu original
4. camo denim: PacSun
5. trouser shoes: F21
6. superstar sunglasses: Free People

Congratulations for making it through all these photos of my dog and me. Elvi is still in model training, right now we are still working on making her feel comfortable in front of the camera. She has a while to go.

We had a fun day running errands together {she actually hated it} and I am now the proud {and thankful} owner of a large crate for the Elvers. She is less than thrilled. 

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. This outfit is adorable! I love it :) I really like your head wrap!!! Perfection!